Wednesday, February 2, 2011

*Black Swan*

I've always loved Natalie Portman, and, last night I ventured to the cinema with my best friend to view her latest masterpiece, Black Swan. Prior to entering the cinema, I admit I wasn't entirely sure what I was in for. Without giving too much away, Natalie Portman plays a delicate Ballerina who is chosen to play the lead role in the well - known production, 'Swan Lake.' Portman must dance the part of both the white swan and the evil black swan, a task that eventually leaves the fragile dancer in a destructive battle with her own self - conscience.

This eery film had me sucked in from the beginning and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good psychological thriller, and doesn't mind a touch of lesbian action. Natalie's performance in this film is brilliant, her beauty is mesmerising and her delicate figure enhances her ability to portray the weightlessness that goes hand in hand with a ballerina.

Following on from the film's release, it has been confirmed that Natalie is set to marry Benjamin Millepied (Choreographer of the Black Swan), AND is also four months pregnant with his child. For anyone who has already viewed the film you may recognise Millepied as the guy in the movie who is asked whether he would sleep with Natalie, to which he responds, "no".

Judging by Natalie's bump, I think he already has on several occasions.

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