Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bambi Time

After a rather mind - boggling day of procrastination and rushed Uni work, I have come to the conclusion that this evening should be about rest, blogging ..... and Bambi.

Spending close to an hour googling this quixotic figure is seemingly natural considering the depth of her beauty. She belongs to the same calibre as leading models Abbey Lee Kershaw and Juliana Forge - her youthful, raw features and bushy brows class her as royalty to leading designers. 

Despite her diminutive frame, she's made her mark in the modelling world; gracing the covers of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and French Revue des Modes for SS11

I really do have an abnormal obsession with this girl. I love her in every photograph so I decided to put them ALL up. hothothothothothot

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  1. She is so gorgeous!
    Love this post!


  2. She's is stunning! I love her style and fantastic photographs!!

    Thanks for stopping by/following my blog!! I'm following!