Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moujik the Frenchie

It seems Yves Saint Laurent was not only renowned for his imminent sense of fashion and design, but also for his taste in dogs - French Bulldogs. Funnily enough he kept brindle pieds all through his life - and when one dog passed away, he would replace it with another of similar markings. And guess what he called every one of them? Moujik. 

So cute.

When he passed away he was up to Moujik number four!

You see, since moving in with my sister and her fiance I have fallen madly in love with their french bulldog, Hugo - or Hugey Wugey as I like to call him. And since learning about Yves Saint Laurent I have grown to understand his obsession with the breed. Who can resist a scrunched up little snout and curious big ears. Not to mention their stifled snorts and short merryland thighs. 

Although they aren't the most energetic breed (I can recall numerous runs along the river where I have had to carry his stocky body home in my arms because he is too stubborn to walk) - they do enjoy a cuddle on the couch and are extremely intelligent.

For everyone who is looking for a pup - I recommend that you invest in a frenchie - the puppies are absolutely to die for, you will melt when you see one. 

I think, when I move out, I'll have to get one of my own. And I bet you know what I'll be calling him...

Moujik of course!


Yves Saint Laurent and Moujik

The Gorgeous Hugo! xx