Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make it Natural: Make it Mineral: Make it Kibi

        The concept of mineral make –up has exploded onto the beauty scene in the past few years, with countless new and existing brands establishing their ranges. 
Little known fact is that Minerals have always  featured in cosmetic products and are responsible for a lot of the light reflecting properties you see.

However, the only difference now is an increase in the percentage of minerals. The results are more than favourable. Consumers have reported concealing of pigmentation, higher SPF factor, increased luminosity and radiance of the skin and exceptional longevity.

Having a high natural mineral content is beneficial for people who have issues with roseacea, acne and skin sensitivity.  
        Although many ranges on the market today may promote their product as ‘all natural’, consumers must be aware of talcs, fillers and polymers which can cause clogging of the pores  and long term skin issues.
        One brand I have been introduced to by Martin Péril, Make – up artist, is Kibi.

        Founded by Kim Magee, this product ticks all the boxes, and is Australian made and owned. With its vegan free and nano free products, AND the fact that it is most definitely NOT tested on animals, I decided to put it to the test in a photo shoot for Garnsis Boutique.

        The results were surprising. I found that the extra rich pigments lasted all day and were incredibly comfortable on my skin. I STRONGLY recommend this product!

KIBI Mineral Make - up used in shoot

 Complexion: Mineral Makeup SPF 24 Foundation #3

Eyes: Mineral Eye Shadow MATT #10 Coco Brown
         Mineral Eye Shadow #34 Shimmer Copper


To experience the KIBI range first - hand please contact Martin Péril Make - up via facebook, otherwise check out the online shop on

For wholesale enquiries please call 0402 251 007

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